Thinking Heads

Más de 15 años trabajando con líderes globales y sus organizaciones

Thinking Heads is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in leader positioning. The company designs and implements customized programs to enhance the influence of individuals by harnessing the power of their ideas.

Established in 2003 as a speakers bureau representing globally renowned figures, Thinking Heads evolved into a consulting firm, becoming a pioneer in the field of personal positioning. The company helps clients package and promote their ideas for maximum impact. The results are more robust reputations and higher financial rewards.

Thinking Heads, with operations in Madrid, Miami, Mexico and Seoul, delivers its services through:

- Consulting Services: planning and implementing strategies and alliances aimed at enhancing the positioning of leaders and top executives,

- Speakers & Conferences: managing the participation of speakers at local and international forums,

- Intelligence Products: information and analysis to assist in the decision-making process of business leaders.